How Customized Cigarette Rolling Papers Help? A General Study


There are quite some smokers who would never go for ready-made cigarettes even for a brand new Cadillac. It’s simply not in their psyche. Come what may, they will not leave any stone unturned to get the rolling papers of their choice.

Then there are obviously those who would obnoxiously opt for only AND ONLY rolling papers that are custom-made for their use. They get a feeling of being on cloud nine when they puff along their favourite brand of tobacco in just the way they like to.

Now what you call these guys? Maniacs? Or those who would like to see the tide of an ocean turning their way so that they can fulfil their dreams? Certainly not! There’s definitely a tinge of romanticism in this entire concept that revolves around the notion of customized rolling papers, and it is this feeling that lures these souls towards these custom-made products. So, that justifies their smoking concept.

Now, what difference do these custom-made rolling papers make? Let us see.

They give the right dimension

There are people who look for the rolling papers with the right dimension. Some would look for long ones and others for the shorter versions. It all depends upon the personal choice. When it comes to shopping for the right version or size, it’s a relative term, and very few would match the expectation of the smokers.

Be it the 100 mm variety or smaller ones, it will never match the size one would vouch for. That is why custom made cigarette rolling papers come into play. They give them the right dimension.

They justify the smoking philosophy

Frankly speaking, customized papers justify their smoking philosophy. The length of the papers that an average smoker would look for entirely depends upon how long the individual wants to smoke.

That is why, it is so essential that persons who would like to stick to that philosophy strictly, turns to the customized versions of these papers, as this will help them smoke all the way, in the way they want – not the manufacturers.

So, at the end of the day, these custom-made rolling papers become the ambassador of that non-compromising attitude the smokers are so proud of. In fact, that’s why these products are adored so much, and that’s the real difference they make.


What Makes Ryoc a Healthier Option to Custom-made Cigarettes?


RYOC or Rolling Your Own Cigarette is a common trend which most smokers are adopting slowly but surely. Considered as an effective way to cut back on those harmful chemicals, it is eventually turning into one of the most sorted out ways to smoke in modern times.

What’s The Difference?

Rolling your own cigarettes allows you to control the amount of nicotine in your smoke as well as the number of smokes you usually light up in a day. There are two ways to RYOB- one is where you take loose tobacco, and roll into a cigarette and the other is when you use a rolling machine to make your stick.

In fact, a recent survey, University professor (name withheld) stated that- Rollies are least hazardous as any type of normal cigarette available in the market. That report also revealed this to be the reason for the impressive rise in the use of rollies. In the last decade or so, the use of roll-up cigs increased from 16% to 23% in women and from 18% to 39% in men.

Other Reasons to RYOC

In comparison to the conventional cigarettes, there are many other reasons to opt for RYOC.

They Are Less Costly – In comparison to the conventional genericcigarette packets, a pouch of roll cigarettes and a pack of cigarette papers are way cheaper.

Example: a normal cigarette packet costs almost around Au$40 in the week, If you are a regular smoker, then there’s a good chance that she/he might need around 3-4 packets. That makes their monthly expense to Au$120-160.

Comparatively, a pack of loose tobacco costs around Au$10-15 and a pack of cigarette rolling paper around Au$5!

They Help Control Your Smoking Habits – One of the biggest perks of smoking RYOC is that they help you to control the number of sticks you usually smoke.

To RYOB, you need to make an effort, and that takes a bit of time. And so, there is more chance that after smoking up one; you will stop for a while. This is not the same with commercial cigs where you can pull one from the packet and can light it up immediately.

You Know How Much Tobacco You Are Stuffing In – Another reason for the raging popularity of RYOC cigarettes is that you are very clear in the amount of tobacco you are putting inside.

With manufactured cigarettes; you don’t know the amount of chemicals that are included inside the cigarette. But when you roll your stick; you precisely know what’s in your stick and what will enter your body. To make your smoking experience even more enjoyable; you can even add flavoured tobacco (or even marijuana).

Capping Off:

Honestly speaking, RYOC is not a healthy alternative to smoking, simply because there is no such thing as a healthier smoking option. But in comparison to commercial cigs, RYOC does help you control your tobacco/nicotine consumption along with reducing your smoking habits.

The only cigarette safe for consumption is an Unlit Cigarette. So, you should try and lessen smoking as much as possible. RYOC is not the best option around, but using tobacco rolling papers for making cigs has reaped the goods for many avid smokers.

Maybe, it might help you to firstly lessen your smoke and eventually help you quit it permanently.

Tobacco Rolling Paper- Origin, Acceptance and Availability!

Tobacco Rolling Papers

Rolling paper is not something new to the inhabitants of this century. Be it for tobacco or for stuffing it with strains of Indica or Sativa; it is something which most smoke mongers cater to.

Looking Back In Time
The antiquity of these roll papers goes way back in time somewhere around the 15th century where such papers made its presence felt in the market. However, it wasn’t until four centuries later when they started becoming popular amongst its mass audience.
As per sources, RIZLA was the 1st ever tobacco roll paper brand which came to an inaccessible range of its end-users. The brand garnered heaps of accolades and impressively sold for 150 years. Even in today’s time, the name RIZLA is still imbibed in people’s minds.

In some parts of the globe, there are some sects of people who recognise rolling paper as RIZLA rollers.

Its Characteristics and Variants
To those who are avid smokers, rolling papers are much like a routine necessity. It is widely available in an array of paper quality namely Sisal, Flax, Rice Straw, Hemp and Esparto.
Size and shape of these papers vary amid brands. Right at the edge of the sheet consists of a narrow strip of glue which helps to keep it together. For controlling the smoke properties, these papers include porosity which helps retain the additives and also regulate burning.

Existing Stature Now
Presently these roll papers are selling extensively in different demographics. When you look up the Internet, you will probably find a number of websites who sell off tobacco roll paper in most (if not all) of its variants. That just tells you the kind of market acceptance these papers have attained over so many years.
For pieces of paper which were once used by street boys in Seville, Spain, have certainly taken a massive leap in the smoker’s society.
If you belong to that genre of folks, then you ought to find a website which supplies quality products.

These below-mentioned tips will surely help you find the right supplier for your roll supplies.These below-mentioned tips will surely help you find the right supplier for your roll supplies.

• Always look into the company’s reputation. This is very crucial. Check their product line-ups, their brand associations and their price brackets. 

• Check quality confirmations about paper blends. You should always look for Pure Hemp or Wood Pulp papers. If the company also categorises unbleached and unrefined with the bleached and fine refined and keeps products of both categories, it means that they are a reputable supplier on the market.

• Also, check their years of experience in this line of business of manufacturing tobacco rolling paper. This again will present you with a peace of mind as to their products will be of the top draw.

• Lastly, look for companies who offer Free Booklet sample to their new customers. Say, you like what you see but are not sure whether to actually buy it or not. With such Free Booklet samples, you can touch, feel and test out the products available. That will give you a better chance of making a decision.

Look into these aspects carefully to find a reliable e-commerce site. As according to common sense quality rolling paper will only come from quality suppliers.


What Are the Best Features of the Best Rolling Tray?

An indispensable part of any stoner’s must-have apparatus is the apt rolling tray. Anyone who rolls is going to tell you that one of the greatest challenges that they face is choosing a functional rolling surface. Here in comes the need for the best rolling tray with the right accessories. That can surely make the task much easier for you apart from making the process much more classy and impressive. But not all the rolling trays can offer the best smoking experience. Below are enlisted some of the useful features that you may seek in a rolling tray:

  • Rolling Tray Material – Try to choose a rolling tray that is made up of metal or plastic. This is because once it becomes dirty or dusty, you can easily clean it with your dishes. You can also use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning it without any issue if the tray is made up of metal.
  • The Design of the Tray – As said earlier the rolling tray is undoubtedly one of the most essential ingredients for every stoner just like the glass tips. The design of the tray is the most important feature of the rolling tray. Look for simplistic designs with curved edges. This way you can’t lose even a little amount of cannabis. You can also go for the ones with storage compartments. This way you can store your joints, pokers and mouth pieces.
  • Right Size – It is essential that you choose the right sized tray for your joint. This way you will be able to make the best joints that will be ideal for you. You must realise that carrying a huge tray will not turn out to be beneficial for you while a too small tray will not be able to serve the purpose for you.

The above are some of the essential features that you must check prior to buying a rolling tray.

Choose Rolling Papers for the Best Smoking Experience

Smoking joint calls for a lot of passion and it is not just a means of passing the time. On the contrary, it is a form of art. For the dedicated stoner, the essential components of the joints must be up to the mark, and that implies adhering to some basic standards. Rolling papers are something that is not only necessary for making a joint but also cigarettes. In fact, handmade cigarettes are much cheaper than the readymade ones. That is why there is such a flourishing demand for rolling papers. But for having one of the finest smoking experiences, you need to choose the right rolling paper.

What is a Rolling Paper?

The rolling papers are small paper sheets which are either rolled using a rolling machine or simply by hands. The roll is usually stuffed with shag, marijuana, tobacco and other herbs. Of all the materials hemp and rice are the best. These are thin rectangular sheets that are glued along the longer edges.

Which Rolling Papers Are Best for You?

While choosing the rolling papers the thing that you must keep in mind is the fact that the thinner the paper, the better. You are not supposed to inhale the paper. That is why the thinner the paper, the better the experience for you. You should always cut off the extra paper prior to wrapping your joint or spliff. This way you will ensure that you are able to make the most of your smoking experience.

cwbz5mmxeaa562jThese days the shops have a plethora of options for rolling papers. You can choose from a diverse range starting from clear rolling papers to the flavoured ones. People have shifted to hand-rolled fags because of the heavy taxation on the readymade papers. That is why more people are proffering cigarette rolling paper than the readymade papers.

The rice-based papers are the best ones because of the thinness and the ability to burn very slowly. Therefore, this enables the users to have a prolonged smoking experience. The hemp papers are also quite close to the popularity of the rice-made papers as their quality is quite good.

Which Rolling Papers to Avoid?

There are some rolling papers that are chemically-treated and are thick. You should try to avoid these papers as much as possible and look out for thinner ones. As the glue is of toxic in nature, it can also pose problems for the regular smokers. That is why it is advised that you should chop off the harmful glue-side at the time of using such papers.

You should, for this very reason, go for papers that are naturally treated and use natural gums as glue. The rice and hemp papers are unbleached, and this is the reason behind their huge popularity. There are also translucent rolling papers that are absolutely unbleached. You can prefer these papers too.

Rolling papers are essential inclusions in the smoking kits of regular smokers, and these play a crucial role in enhancing the experience. That is why it is always advisable that you choose the papers keeping in mind the above. This will ensure that you have an excellent smoking experience and at the same time stay healthy and safe.

Looking To Try Cigars? Here’s 6 Tips To Enjoy A Good Puff

Smoking pipes are fun, and it’s certainly is much more socially acceptable than cigarettes. For a smoker, pipes are like slow food. Unlike the quick fix, fast food model of cigarettes, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a cigar for almost an hour. Also, the nicotine buzz is somewhat higher is cigars compared to cigarettes. However, the best thing about cigars is that rarely does anyone inhale the smoke which is why you won’t cough if you are smoking. Also, because of it slow burning capacity, you might not find the need to smoke as often as cigarettes. These days, a smoke box case comes in extremely handy for those who are already smoke cigarettes but want to try out cigars.

Purchase a pipe: First and foremost, you have to buy a pipe which is easily available online or with a tobacco seller. Refrain from buying a pipe which is made of ceramic or metal as briar and meerschaum are always the best option. Also, don’t go for extra large or extra small sizes.

All in One Smoking Kit

Purchase tobacco: Most tobacco dealers upon hearing that you are trying pipes for the first time will refer you to some “aromatic” blends. This is where you must stand out as an experienced smoker. For non-smokers, this aromatic blend might be perfect, but if you are an avid smoker, you will get no nicotine in them that you can appreciate.

Get pipe nail and cleaners: There’s no doubt that you will have to use cleaners every time you want to smoke. Otherwise, the tar can accumulate in the stem of the pipe and will taste terrible when you smoke. Although the pope nail is used for tamping, it can come in handy while scooping unsmoked tobacco.

Fill it up: After you have acquired the tobacco, make sure that you fill the pipe with it. The bottom layer should be light, the medium layer medium and the upper layer should be tighter. Every time you want to smoke, fill the pipe with tobacco ensure that the pipe is 3/4th full.

Light her up: Once you get all things done, you can light up your cigars and enjoy a puff. Refrain from using a zippo as your cigars will taste like fuel.

Don’t puff fast: In fact, you should always take it slow when it comes to smoking cigars. Also, don’t inhale the smoke. Just hold the smoke in your mouth for some time and then b low it out.

The best thing you can do is acquire an all in one smoking kit where you will find everything you need to enjoy a good smoke.

Best Smoke Box Case

Best Smoke Box Case
Get the best all in one smoke box case with smoking kit provided by Smoke box company for taking the complete pleasure of smoking.